Sunday, July 7, 2013

BumpDate: 35 Weeks

So... My last BumpDate was about six weeks ago... Whoops! I can't even believe how busy June was for Bryan and I. Luckily, after yesterday, I think it's slowing down - just in time for the home stretch of this pregnancy! Since it's been so long since my last update, I'll just cover the highlights:
  • Since 29 weeks, I have blown past being in the double digits for weeks remaining and am now down to just FIVE! I feel like time is flying and crawling at the same time. As each week has passed, I am definitely feeling the baby's growth more and more. {In terms of the weight of my belly, the pressure on my pelvis, etc.}
  • My two "complaints" {although, I'm not really complaining, just stating the symptoms} I am dealing with  are very mild carpel-tunnel syndrome in my hands due to some mild swelling in my fingers and insomnia. The carpel-tunnel isn't bad enough for braces, just annoying. My insomnia I have been combating with one-quarter tablets of Unisom {totally safe for pregnant women, thank God!}
  • Baby Ripke had two baby showers thrown in his honor over the weekend of the 15th. They were both beyond perfect and our friends were incredibly generous with gifts for him. In fact, I am pretty sure we need to build a bigger house already. You can read more about my showers over on the Iowa City Mom's Blog
The theme of Baby R's friends & family shower.
  • The Wednesday before our showers, we had some maternity pictures taken. I was on the fence about taking them, but they turned out great and I am super glad we got them taken. {I will see if I can get some up on the blog for your viewing pleasure.}
  • The Sunday after my shower, my mom came over to help this overwhelmed mama organize all of our baby gear. On top of putting everything together and finding a home for everything, we also washed a TON of baby clothes... Let's just say garage sales have been good to me and this kid is never going to be able to wear everything in his closet/dresser. And - I think we are finally getting close to being done with the nursery - that's the goal for next weekend. 
  • My bi-weekly doctor's appointments have been going great - my blood pressure remains on the low end of the spectrum, the protein is staying out of my urine, Baby R's heart rate continues to hover in the 140's and he is measuring right on schedule. {I am not sure HOW is measuring right on schedule because I feel like I am carrying a three month old around in my belly right now.} My next appointment will be on July 15th when I am 36 weeks and will make the start of weekly appointments from here on out!
Josie claimed all of Baby R's presents for herself following his showers...

Our Fourth of July weekend has been busy so far. On the Fourth, Bryan and I embarked on a "Baby Shopping Spree" to get the rest of the stuff we will need for Baby R. Things like an extra car seat base, baby wash and a video monitor were on the shopping list. It was a successful shopping trip topped off by a trip to Carlos O'Kelly's for a late lunch/early dinner. I have to say, this no alcohol thing has gotten A LOT tougher with summer being in full swing. Bryan's raspberry margarita looked AMAZING. Having a beer is definitely at the top of my "to-do" list as soon as we are home and settled from the hospital. 

After our shopping trip, we were both beat. I spent the evening on the couch and experienced my first {known of} round of braxton hicks contractions while Bryan spent the evening prepping out yard for sod the following day. 

On the fifth at approximately 8:45 am a large semi pulled up in front of our house and delivered 9000 square feet of sod. It was a sight that brought a tear to my eye. For those of you who don't know, we sold our old house {complete with a huge fenced-in yard} in May of 2012 and moved into a rental condo, without a fence, until March 2013. This spring has been so rainy and cool that is has been impossible for us to get our yard graded and ready for seed and then ready for a fence. With two dogs, this has been a nightmare. Especially as I have gotten larger and handling our 110lb dog has been come more challenging. Fast forward to the end of June when we received six inches of rain in a very short amount of time and we watched as our yard eroded into the street, we decided to bite the bullet and lay sod. 

Seven short hours after the sod arrived, it was all in place. {Huge thank you to our friends that helped us out!} Being as pregnant as I am, I wasn't able to do much to help, but I ran errands, made sure the coolers were always full of cold beverages, assembled lunch and held the hose as much as I could. T minus 16 days and our fence will be installed and our poor dogs will be able to run free for the first time in over a year! Let's just say July 22nd will be the third most exciting day of 2013 for me. {Third to finding out the baby's sex and of course, the day he comes into this world.}
Our new front yard!

The remainder of the weekend has "laying low" written all over it. An all-day shopping spree and helping with the sod yesterday was far more activity than I've had in months and I'm paying for it today. I think this evening we are going to run into town and grab a nice dinner and get groceries for the week. {This is what our date nights have come to already...}

Here's my 35 week belly picture... Bryan made a comment to me over the weekend that he felt like I wasn't growing as much as before. After he took this belly picture, I showed him a picture of me six weeks ago and he was able to see how much I have grown. :)

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