Thursday, May 30, 2013

BumpDate: 29 Weeks

Yea for the last week in the 20's! It's almost like turning 30, except, this time I'm happy. As of this upcoming Sunday, we will be 3/4 of the way done and then the following week, we will be out of the double digits for weeks left! How is that even possible!?

Over the long weekend, Bryan and I made the rounds at area furniture stores to find a rocker/glider. I wanted one that looks like a traditional living room chair, but glides, but apparently those are not a popular style 'round these parts. After hitting up every major furniture store in our area, I resorted to ordering one from JC Penny's website. I am a little worried about ordering it without sitting on it, but it got really good reviews and was only $500 for the chair and ottoman. So fingers crossed that we like it and I don't have to pay a $48 restocking fee and start our search over.

Saturday we also made a trip to Babies R Us/Toys R Us to look at gliders. Proved to be a big mistake to take my husband/six-foot-tall-kid into a toy store. After perusing the action figure aisle for almost an hour, I finally convinced him that we should go. But not before I found a stuffed chocolate lab and stuffed beagle for Baby Ripke's room - how cute are they!?

Sunday, we finally tackled painting the baby's room. Here is a picture of the possible colors, but I am going to wait to reveal the final look until the nursery is finished.

While I re-taped the room and taped plastic to the new carpet, Bryan finished a few projects around the house for me before taking over the actual painting so I could take a nap. {He seriously is an awesome husband.} Following my nap {I am pretty sure he snuck one in}, we headed out to a friend's house for a rainy Memorial Day BBQ.

Monday I went shopping with my mom and finally broke down and bought some maternity shorts. Ug. I am not a huge fan of shorts on my non-pregnant legs - they're always too tight. I am even less of a fan of them on my pregnant legs. They were buy one get one half off though, so I bought a couple of versatile pairs and between those and skirts, refuse to buy any more maternity bottoms.

All in all, we ended the weekend tired, but pleased with our progress. I feel less panic about getting baby-related tasks completed now that the all the furniture is on order and the room is painted.

Physically, I am still feeling good but tired. Now that all my regular TV shows are in re-runs for the summer, my goal is to be in bed by 8:30 every night. Baby Ripke has been active as ever this past week, I am pretty sure he has his own dance party every night around 9 pm. This does not work well with my new bedtime, so we're going to have to talk about that. I got myself on my scale earlier this week and I am up about 24 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. (Gulp!) Most of my friends say it's all belly. Hopefully they're not just being really nice friends. I am not too terribly concerned, 25-35 pounds is normal and if I end up at 40 pounds, I have the rest of my life to lose it. Aside from that, still no swelling (all the swelling I had has gone away!) and no signs of any pregnancy concerns such as preeclampsia thus far {knock on wood}.

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