Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BumpDate: 13 Weeks

Heeeellllooooo Second Trimester!!!

That's right, we (the baby and I) made it through the first 12 weeks. And - seeing how it's Wednesday already - almost half of the 13th week. 

Making it to the second trimester is such a huge relief. Don't get me wrong, I know something can go wrong at any second, but knowing that my risk is so miniscule now, is a huge weight off my shoulders. I have found myself obsessing less over every twinge and pain and I haven't been poking my boobs as much. (Probably should provide some context there - every time I get nervous that something is going wrong, I poke one of my boobs to remind myself that they're still extremely tender and thus, I'm still pregnant.)

I went in earlier this week for a fetal heart check and the baby's ticker is still strong as ever - in the upper 160's! We have another appointment next week on the 13th. Then we'll have one four weeks later and two weeks after that we find out the gender!!

Any guesses?

The second trimester has also proven to bring some much needed relief from morning sickness. Last week, I was still battling it from time to time, but this week is much better. Other than some round ligament twinges and the fact that I haven't recovered all of my energy yet, I'd barely know I was pregnant!

Here's an updated picture. I was kind of sad that my bump didn't look bigger, but then I compared it to my 11 week picture and you can definitely tell a difference. Can't wait to take another one next week!

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  1. Looking adorable! I see a difference in this picture! So glad that you are feeling better and able to relax a bit this week!