Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BumpDate: 12 weeks

I mentioned on Monday that I am officially into my 12th week. Being how it is now Tuesday night, we'll say I officially have five days left in the first trimester. I think a lot of people are excited to be 12 weeks because that is when a lot of people go public. Since I have a big mouth and since we've been going through treatments for so long, it was never really a secret. I am excited to be out of the first trimester just because it's a milestone. 1/3 of the day done, 2/3 to go. Last week I was excited because on the app I have on my phone, it showed that I have less than 200 days to go - that was a milestone to me, to be out of the 200's. Only 95 more days until we are out of the 100's.

This week, mama is feeling less sick, sickness is pretty much confined to evenings after dinner, which is much more manageable, but still makes it difficult getting chores around the house done. In the daytime, the nausea has given way to wanting to eat Everything. In. Sight. I'm talking full meals every two to three hours. While this sounds fantastic to some people, it's kind of a pain to need to think of that much food each day. I'm still eating out a lot as a result. This is something I want to change soon - maybe I'll actually plan some meals and grocery shop this weekend?

Oh wait, no, I have to paint our new house. Maybe for my birthday.

Here's the latest belly picture. Now, keep in mind I take these at night, when the bloat is at it's worst. However, as I said last week, the bloat would not be there without the baby, so it counts! But it's definitely bigger than last week, right? (Pay not attention to the black bra under the white shirt and the greasy "I've worked al day, stopped to order paint, taken care of the dogs and managed to make a frozen pizza for dinner" look.) It's been a long week.

Wait - it's only Tuesday.

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  1. You are too hard on yourself! I think you look cute!! And you will be glad you have all these pictures!