Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BumpDate: 28 Weeks & THE LAST TRIMESTER!

Sunday marked the first day of the THIRD and FINAL trimester! Super-excited/terrified/anxious/freaking-out/happy about summarizes how I'm feeling about it all. So excited to meet our little guy in approximately 12-ish weeks, terrified of what we're supposed to do with him once he's here, anxious about how he's suppose to actually get out of my body and just happy to be where we are. Freaking out? Well, I am freaking out that there are less than 12 weeks to my due date and we've done about, oh, nothing to get ready for his arrival.

Yeah, yeah, all the kid needs is a roof over his head. While I appreciate everyone trying to calm me a little, well all know, that's not good enough. We've got furniture on order, at the latest it should be here early July. We finally bought some paint for the nursery this weekend and Bryan started taping off the room, working on that this next weekend is definitely a priority. I bought some materials for some decorative DIY projects for his room and his bedding is in the works thanks to a very talented seamstress in my area. I suppose that is all something, but we still need to get a closet put together for him (the closet is currently empty as in, no rod, no shelves, etc.), actually paint (as mentioned above) and find a permanent home for the items we've collected so far. (I may have gone a tiny bit crazy with the great deals at garage sales...)

Last week was my glucose test, which I was very happy to learn I passed the next day. While my sugar levels were awesome, my iron levels are low (per usual for my body), so I have to start some iron supplements, no biggie. Other than that, Baby Ripke has been moving around like crazy; mama is usually spent by about 3 pm (I totally understand the appeal of early-bird specials these days); and my swelling, to my surprise, has gotten better - not worse - as I had expected with the warmer, muggier weather. 

I had a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment today, which marks the start of bi-weekly appointments until we hit the 36 week mark. I still can't believe we are at this point already. In some aspects, it seems like it has taken forever to get to this point and that August will never be here. On the other hand, I won't even let Bryan say how many weeks/days we have left anymore because I will have a mini-anxiety attack. 

The doctor's appointment went well - BP still super low (per usual for this girl), pee tested fine (still don't know what they're testing for at every appointment), baby's heart rate in the upper 140's. He's still in the breech position, which my doctor is saying is still fine at this point. However, little man has been in said position for the past six weeks, and I think he's pretty comfortable that way. I had to have the Rhogam shot (because I am Rh negative blood type) again today. I had to have this shot around six weeks due to spotting and I knew I would need it again at 28 weeks and will probably need it once baby gets here. 

Wow - today's post is pretty long and only one picture! I need to get better about taking pics for you guys. Here's this week's belly pic!

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