Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BumpDate: 11 Weeks

I promise this won't turn into a strictly pregnancy blog, but it is a blog about our life and right now, our life revolves around two things: the house and the baby, so I will probably be posting regular updates on the baby and baby-related things.

Last Friday (January 18th), we had another doctor appointment. I promised my mom after this appointment, if everything looked good, she could start telling people. The appointment went great, I have been having some issues with spotting, but that seems to have cleared up and my doctor is 95% sure it was coming from a skin-tag on the bottom of my cervix. He moved my due date up a couple of days to August 11th, which made me 11 week on the 21st! Whoo hoo! So excited to be almost out of the first trimester.

It took some work, but my doctor found the heart beat with the doppler. Quick side story, this is why I LOVE my doctor. He tried to find it with the doppler and after a couple of minutes couldn't find it and told me NOT to worry. Then he looked at me and saw that I in fact was definitely going to worry and said, "You know what, I'm waiting on twins to make their arrival and have no place to be. Do you want me to try again?" At 5 pm on a Friday evening, he tried again until he found it. It only took a couple more minutes, but I was so happy he took the extra time for me.

The other great thing 11 weeks has brought me is some relief from morning sickness and slightly more energy! Don't get me wrong, I am still exhausted just walking up a flight of stairs, but I have a little pep back and my nausea is ever so slight at certain times of the day. Nothing like what I was dealing with a few weeks ago. This is very welcomed as life in general was becoming a chore.

Here's a belly pic for you - most people say I am insane and that I am not showing at all yet - however, that slight bulge is not normally there. And while it most definitely is bloat, it would not be there if not for the baby, so I'm calling it a very small bump. :)

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