Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Favs: Red Stamp the App

I love getting cards and I love sending cards... When I remember. I don't for-see myself being that put together mom/wife that has Christmas cards sent to her entire mailing list by December 15th each year. (Plus, let's face it, the pictures you put on your Christmas card you already posted on Facebook two months ago and your entire mailing list has already seen it.)

I am also really bad about sending Thank-You notes. In fact, my cousin and I were addessing thank-you's for my bridal shower the night before my wedding. To me, if someone has thanked me for a gift via text, email or over the phone, I do not need something sent to me in the mail. And that is how I tend to thank people for things - email or text. On the flip side, to each their own, and I do appreciate getting thank-you notes in the mail, but I don't feel the need to call someone out on not sending me a thank-you for a gift of any sort.

Enter Red Stamp. I saw this app on Pinterest a few weeks ago and had to download it. I LOVE IT. You can use pictures on your phone to customize cute cards/notes and send them via text, email and even upload them to Facebook! We are going to announce our pregnancy to the masses next week and I am thinking about using this app to text our close friends. I may even upload one of the cards to email and send it to relatives that way.

There are so many categories to chose from - and most of them are free! (There are some designs that cost a little extra - 99-cents for most of those. But hey - that's cheaper than a card at Target!) In addition to tons of categories, most of the designs can be further customized with different colors, etc. Don't have a picture you want to add? There are picture-less designs as well. Seriously - they though of everything.

Here are a few quick designs I made while playing around with it. We have some birthdays coming up that I will be using it for, as well as announcing the impending arrival of Baby R. :)

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